Please note: We have a two hour maximum for guests in the main dining room.


The Brittany Cobb

Chopped romaine with sliced avocado, bacon, hard-boiled egg slivers, grape tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, fresh herbs and scratch-made green goddess dressing 13

Kale Caesar

Rustic kale tossed with shaved parmesan, croutons, a touch of lemon and Caesar dressing 12

Texas Waldorf

Arugula mixed with goat cheese crumbles, golden raisins, candied pecans, sliced green apple and radish with lemon vinaigrette dressing 12


Chicken Salad (5) Roasted Chicken (5) Egg Salad (5) Bacon (4) Sliced Avocado (4) Hard-boiled Egg (2)


Served with a side of chips and pickles, gluten-free bread available upon request ($2)

The Big Tex Grilled Cheese

Bacon, fontina, cheddar, gouda and Old Bay seasoning on toasted sourdough with a side of Frank’s Hot Sauce 14

The Cali Grilled Cheese

Herb-roasted turkey, fontina, cheddar, gouda and sliced avocado on toasted sourdough dusted with fleur de sel salt 14

Chicken Salad

Our famous house-made tarragon chicken salad with dried cranberries and arugula on toasted whole grain bread 13

Turkey + Brie

Herb-roasted turkey, Brie, sliced green apple and scratch-made cranberry mayo on toasted Ciabatta 13

Chicken + Goat Cheese

Roasted sliced chicken, goat cheese, fresh herbs, pickled radish, arugula, grape tomatoes and scratch-made basil mayo on toasted Ciabatta 13

Grilled Three Cheese

Fontina, cheddar and gouda on toasted sourdough dusted with fleur de sel salt 12

Hippie Veggie

Sliced cucumber, avocado, tomato, arugula, pickled radish, goat cheese and house-made pimento cheese spread on toasted whole grain 13

Egg Salad

House-made egg salad with dill and arugula on toasted whole grain 11


Creamy Tomato Basil

Scratch-made, creamy, tomato basil soup sprinkled with shaved parmesan and fine herbs 6


Pick two from the items below 14


Texas Waldorf, Kale Caesar or Brittany Cobb


Turkey + Brie, Chicken + Goat Cheese, Chicken Salad, Hippie Veggie or Egg Salad


Creamy Tomato Basil Soup


Charcuterie board

A mix of cured meats, seasonal cheeses, jam, honey, nuts, dried fruit, toasted local bread and crackers 24

Brunch board

French toast with candied pecans, two seasonal muffins, bacon, fresh fruit and hard-boiled eggs 21

Cheese Board

A spread of seasonal cheeses, jam, honey, nuts, dried fruit, toasted local bread and crackers 18

Dip trio

A scoop of our house-favorite egg salad, pimento cheese and guacamole alongside arugula and toasted local bread 14

Southern Deviled Eggs (4)

Our scratch-made recipe sprinkled with paprika, parsley and a touch of Frank’s Hot Sauce 6


Gluten-free bread available upon request ($2)


Toasted local whole grain bread dressed with mashed avocado, sliced grape tomatoes, pickled radish, parsley and sesame seeds 12

Messy Kitchen

Toasted sourdough covered with sliced hard boiled eggs, bacon, cheddar, gouda, fontina and Frank’s Hot Sauce 11


French Toast

Challah bread topped with candied pecans, fruit, cinnamon and powdered sugar with maple syrup on the side 11

Waffles with Fruit

Two waffles topped with strawberries, blueberries, glazed pecans and a side of syrup 11


Marinated grape tomatoes (5) Chicken salad  (5) Egg salad (5) Roasted chicken (5) Pimento cheese (5) Fresh Fruit (4) Sliced avocado (4) Bacon (4) Chips (3) Hard-boiled egg (2) Horseradish pickles (2)


Peanut butter + jelly

Served on white bread with a side of chips 6

Grilled cheese

Served on white bread with a side of chips 6


Single waffle topped with whipped cream and a side of syrup 6


Lemon cheesecake with pistachio crust (7) Original cheesecake (7) Pop tart (5) Double chocolate cookie – gluten free (5) Iced Lemon Loaf (5) Pumpkin spice loaf (5) Chocolate banana loaf (5) Coffee cake (5) Frosted sugar cookie (5) Double chocolate cookie  – gluten-free (5) Muffin (4) Macarons (2.5) Mini muffin (2)